Recycling with Papa Dill

Mimi Williams

~ Printmaker ~

About the Artist and the Prints ~

I am an Olympia printmaker.  My work is inspired by my community and the incredible beauty of the Pacific Northwest.   My images are often narrative with the intention of connecting with the viewers, who in turn can find their own stories.

I work exclusively in linoleum cut block printing.  First, I draw the image on paper, then transfer it to a linoleum block.  Then I carve the image creating negative and positives space.  Next, I roll the ink on the carved linoleum block, place the paper onto the ink and impress the image by hand with the back of a wooden spoon.  I add color by printing colored paper and collaging those pieces onto the initial print.  Each print is unique, and I only print two at a time.  These prints I consider "original" prints and are printed on BFK Rives printmaking paper from France.

I do offer digital "reproductions" of my prints which are made in Olympia on heavy cardstock, and I refer to them as POSTERS.  Any of the original prints you see on the website can be made into posters.

I have produced a 2018 CALENDAR that is now available.

Also many of my images have been produced digitally as 5x7 CARDS.

And Four of my images of The Puget Sound have been reproduced on ceramic TILES.